Blind Jam Dev Blog 002

It’s 2020.

So first things first, controls

I had set up my Kanban board with the first things I could think of, it wasn’t complete but it was enough work not to worry about needing more tasks for a bit.

I set about figuring out controller integration – something I simply have never done. This particular project lended itself well to controller input as well as haptic feedback. I’m still on the fence for making haptic a necessary component, but it is a convincing argument given how limited my mechanisms are to relate information to the player.

I want to make this a long story short, as I spent an entire evening on it already.
TL;DR I updated to OSX Mojave for DS4 controller support and installed the usual xbox360 driver on github for xbox one controller support.

I then dove in and developed an absurdly simple player controller and rudimentary implementation of the new unity preview InputSystem. I had no idea what I was doing but at the end of it I had two controllers and a keyboard that could all reasonably move a capsule around consistently with one another

Ok great, I also needed to get into figuring out my sound system ASAP and now that I have a way to induce sound it was time to get started on the shadow already cast on my project.

It was time to download WWISE for the first time in a decade, break it open and see if I can get anything figured out at all.

Man WWISE has changed since I was in college, I don’t even know what to do anymore either. Time to watch some videos on WWISE so I can begin sound designing as I develop. I have a 500 asset limit on the free WWISE license so I should utilize it well while being thrifty. Time to relearn that entire program from nothing, and youtube doesn’t have many recent videos.

Now the uphill fight begins. It appears integrated programmatically, however a dozen new console errors are a cause for concern. Will be seeing if they persist once some assets are made, and if they do, we’ll try to cross that bridge a little later.

I also opted to install the google spatializer, thinking it may be good for emulating the inside of the captain’s bridge. It appears to require some further integration so we will play with that later.

No, I think the first sound to investigate is a proximity/navigational one. I’ll be cracking ableton open to build out a sound palette to get started.

Quite a bit of time and little progress, but it’s all entirely new progress for me.

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